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008190820s2019 enk||||||b||||001 0|eng|
010 a 2019008727
015 a GBB9836202 bnb
016a 0193941972 Uk
020 a 9781509923304q (hardback : alk. paper)
020 a 1509923306
020 a 9781509946785q häftad
020 z 9781509923311 (ePub ebook)
020 z 9781509923328 (PDF ebook)
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2451 4a The future of Europe :b political and legal integration beyond Brexit /c edited by Antonina Bakardjieva Engelbrekt and Xavier Groussot.
264 1a Oxford :b Hart Publishing,c 2019
300 a xxviii, 301 pagesc 24 cm.
336 a textb txt2 rdacontent
337 a unmediatedb n2 rdamedia
338 a volumeb nc2 rdacarrier
490a Swedish studies in European law ;v 13
504 a Includes bibliographical references and index.
505a Saving liberal Europe : lessons from history / Jürgen Neyer -- The EU, democracy, and institutional structure : past, present, and future / Paul Craig -- The EU flexibility clause is dead, long live the EU flexibility clause / Graham Butler -- The resilience of rights and European integration / Xavier Groussot and Anna Zemskova -- Discursive constituent power and European integration / Massimo Fichera -- The national security challenge to EU legal integration / Anna Jonsson Cornell -- Immunity or community? security in the European Union / Eduardo Gill-Pedro -- The rule of law in contemporary Finland : not just a rhetorical balloon / Juha Raitio -- Institutional alcoholism in post-socialist countries and the cultural elements of the rule of law : the example of Hungary / András Jakab -- A more united Union and the Danish conundrum / Ulla Neergaard -- EU and member state constitutionalism : complementing and conflicting / Kaarlo Tuori.
520a The European Union is at a crossroads. Slowly recovering from a series of financial and economic crises, with trust fundamentally shaken by processes of disaggregation and increasingly nationalist politics, it is searching for new visions that are at once inspiring and workable. In its White Paper of 1 March 2017, the Commission proposed five non-exclusive options for the Future of Europe. As put by the Commission, the five scenarios are illustrative in nature to provoke thinking. They are not detailed blueprints or policy prescriptions. Likewise, they deliberately make no mention of legal or institutional processes - the form will follow the function. This book takes the current state of the Union seriously. However, it aims to debate not only the political vision of Europe, but also the issue of legal integration beyond Brexit. Apart from addressing the institutional challenges for the EU, the contributions to this volume focus on two key areas: rule of law and security. Rule of law and security are not only paradigmatic for the future of Europe but are also closely connected to a particular vision of Europe based on `integration through law'; a vision that has been strongly contested in recent years. The overarching question is: how can sustainable political and legal integration be achieved in Europe? The volume builds on a conference organised by the Swedish Network for European Legal Studies in November 2017 and includes chapters by leading scholars in the field from the Nordic countries and wider Europe.
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6102 0a European Unionz Great Britain.
6102 7a European Union.2 fast
6102 4a Europeiska unionen0
650 7a Rättsstat0 sao
650 7a Statsrätt0 sao
650 7a Internationell säkerhet0 sao
650 7a Diplomatiska förbindelser0 sao
650 7a Politiska förhållanden0 sao
650 0a Rule of lawz European Union countries.
650 0a Constitutional lawz European Union countries.
650 0a Security, Internationalz European Union countries.
650 0a Security, Internationalz Great Britain.
650 7a Constitutional law.2 fast
650 7a Diplomatic relations.2 fast
650 7a Politics and government.2 fast
650 7a Rule of law.2 fast
650 7a Security, International.2 fast
650 0a Security, International
650 0a Foreign relations
650 0a Rule of law
650 0a Constitutional law
651 7a EU-länderna0 sao
651 7a Storbritannien0 sao
651 0a European Union countriesx Foreign relations.
651 0a European Union countriesx Politics and government.
651 0a European Union countriesx Foreign relationsz Great Britain.
651 0a Great Britainx Foreign relationsz European Union countries.
651 7a Great Britain.2 fast
651 7a Europez European Union countries.2 fast
700a Bakardjieva Engelbrekt, Antonina,d 1963-4 edt0
700a Groussot, Xavier,d 1973-4 edt
7760 8i Online version:t Future of Europed Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2019z 9781509923311w (DLC) 2019008753
830 0a Swedish studies in European law ;v 13
887 a {"@id":"w6fccfqbt31sr547","modified":"2021-05-25T13:36:51.783+02:00"}2 librisxl
9001 s6 700a Engelbrekt, Antonina Bakardjieva,d 1963-u Bakardjieva Engelbrekt, Antonina,d 1963-
9102 s6 610a EUu Europeiska unionen
9102 s6 610a European Unionu Europeiska unionen
9102 s6 610a Europäische Unionu Europeiska unionen
9102 s6 610a Union européenneu Europeiska unionen
9102 s6 610a UEu Europeiska unionen
9102 s6 610a Unione europeau Europeiska unionen
9102 s6 610a Den Europæiske Unionu Europeiska unionen
9102 s6 610a Unión Europeau Europeiska unionen
9102 s6 610a Europese Unieu Europeiska unionen
9102 s6 610a Euroopan unioniu Europeiska unionen
9102 s6 610a União Europeiau Europeiska unionen
9102 s6 610a L'Union européenneu Europeiska unionen
9102 s6 610a Die Europäische Unionu Europeiska unionen
9102 s6 610a De Europese Unieu Europeiska unionen
9102 s6 610a L'Unione europeau Europeiska unionen
9102 s6 610a Europæiske Unionu Europeiska unionen
9102 k6 610w aa Europeiska gemenskapernau Europeiska unionen
950 s6 650a Politik och förvaltningu Politiska förhållanden
950 s6 650w llea Säkerhetspolitikx internationella relationeru Internationell säkerhet
950 k6 650w ga Internationella relationeru Internationell säkerhet
950 k6 650w ha Kapprustningu Internationell säkerhet
950 k6 650w ha Rustningskontrollu Internationell säkerhet
950 k6 650w ha Säkerhetssektoreru Internationell säkerhet
950 k6 650a Fredu Internationell säkerhet
950 k6 650a Nedrustningu Internationell säkerhet
950 k6 650a Privata militära företagu Internationell säkerhet
950 k6 650w ha Diplomatiska gåvoru Diplomatiska förbindelser
950 s6 650a Rättsstatenu Rättsstat
950 s6 650a Rättsstateru Rättsstat
950 s6 650a Rättsstatsprincipenu Rättsstat
950 k6 650w ga Rättsväsenu Rättsstat
950 k6 650w ga Offentlig rättu Rättsstat
950 k6 650w ha Lagprövningsrättu Rättsstat
950 k6 650a Statsrättu Rättsstat
950 k6 650a Förvaltningsrättu Rättsstat
950 k6 650a Rättssäkerhetu Rättsstat
950 k6 650a Likhet inför lagenu Rättsstat
950 s6 650a Konstitutionell rättu Statsrätt
950 k6 650w ga Offentlig rättu Statsrätt
950 k6 650w ha Lagprövningsrättu Statsrätt
950 k6 650a Rättsstatu Statsrätt
951 s6 651a Förenade kungariket Storbritannien och Nordirlandu Storbritannien
951 s6 651a Great Britainu Storbritannien
951 s6 651a Storbritannien och Nordirlandu Storbritannien
951 s6 651a United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Irelandu Storbritannien
951 k6 651w ga Brittiska öarnau Storbritannien
951 k6 651a Brittiska öarnau Storbritannien
951 k6 651w ga Europau EU-länderna
841 5 Gea x ab 190820||0000|||||000||||||000000e u
852 5 Geb Geh 341.2422j 19-6x Ge1909k
887 5 Gea {"@id":"lw422637jt4z642r","modified":"2019-09-18T10:22:47.151+02:00"}2 librisxl
841 5 Ljua x ab 191127||0000|||||000||||||000000e u
852 5 Ljub Ljux Lju194748 vk
887 5 Ljua {"@id":"1cz8zkcqzp04jl70","modified":"2019-11-27T13:53:17.526+01:00"}2 librisxl
841 5 Lrwia x ab 200224||0000|||||000||||||000000e u
852 5 Lrwib Lrwil 55 FUT
887 5 Lrwia {"@id":"x86ptqr4vb8kh98w","modified":"2020-02-24T17:28:36.573+01:00"}2 librisxl
841 5 Udixa x ab 230104||0000|||||001||||||000000e u
035 5 Udixa (ALMA)991018428340107596
599 5 Udixa ALMA
852 5 Udixb Udix
8564 05 Udixu Tillgänglig för användare inom Uppsala universitetz fulltextz Bloomsbury Open Access
887 5 Udixa {"@id":"3khpk59613j270v1","modified":"2024-05-15T08:08:35.811+02:00"}2 librisxl
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