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The archaeology of the Kurdistan region of Iraq and adjacent regions / edited by Konstantinos Kopanias and John MacGinnis.

Archaeological Research in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and the Adjacent Areas (2013 : University of Athens) (creator_code:cre_t)
Kopanias, K. (redaktör/utgivare)
MacGinnis, John (redaktör/utgivare)
Panepistēmio Athēnōn (creator_code:his_t)
ISBN 9781784913939
Publicerad: Oxford : Archaeopress Publishing Ltd, [2016]
Copyright: ©2016
Engelska xvii, 455 pages
Serie: Archaeopress archaeology
  • BokKonferens
Innehållsförteckning Sammanfattning Ämnesord
  • Archaeological investigations on the Citadel of Erbil : Background, Framework and Results / Dara Al Yaqoobi, Abdullah Khorsheed Khader, Sangar Mohammed, Saber Hassan Hussein, Mary Shepperson and John MacGinnis -- The site of Bazyan : historical and archaeological investigations / Narmin Amin Ali and Vincent Deroche -- Short notes on Chalcolithic pottery research : The pottery sequences of Tell Nader (Erbil) and Ashur (Qal'at Sherqat) / Claudia Beuger -- New Evidence of Paleolithic Occupation in the Western Zagros foothills : Preliminary report of cave and rockshelter survey in the Sar Qaleh Plain in the West of Kermanshah Province, Iran / Fereidoun Biglari and Sonia Shidrang -- Activities of Sapienza-University of Rome in Iraqi Kurdistan : Erbil, Sulaimaniyah and Duhok / Carlo Giovanni Cereti and Luca Colliva -- The Achaemenid Period Occupation at Tell ed-Daim in Iraqi Kurdistan / John Curtis and Farouk al-Rawi -- 'Inscription D' from Sennacherib's Aqueduct At Jerwan : Further Data and Insights / Frederick Mario Fales and Roswitha Del Fabbro -- The Land of Nineveh Archaeological Project : A Preliminary Overview on the Pottery and Settlement Patterns of the 3rd Millennium BC in the Northern Region of Iraqi Kurdistan / Katia Gavagnin -- Animal husbandry and other human-animal interactions in Late Ubaid-Early Uruk northern Iraq : the faunal remains from the 2012 excavation season at Tell Nader / Angelos Hadjikoumis -- Hawsh-Kori and Char-Ghapi : Why the Sassanids built two monuments in the west of Kermanshah and the south of Iraqi Kurdistan / Ali Hozhabri -- Across millennia of occupation : the Land of Nineveh Archaeological project in Iraqi Kurdistan : The prehistory and protohistory of the Upper Tigris rediscovered / Marco Iamoni -- The Iraqi Institute : Education for Archaeological Research and Conservation / Jessica Johnson, Abdullah Khorsheed and Brian Michael Lione -- Two seasons of excavations at Kunara (Upper Tanjaro) : An Early and Middle Bronze Age city / Christine Kepinski and Aline Tenu -- Excavations of the Chalcolithic Occupations at Salat Tepe on the Upper Tigris, Southeastern Anatolia / Tatsundo Koizumi, Minoru Yoneda, Shigeru Itoh and Koichi Kobayashi -- Insights into the settlement history of Iraqi Kurdistan from the Upper Greater Zab Archaeological Reconnaissance Project / Rafal Koliński -- Two Ottoman Trade Buildings (Qaisariya) in the Bazaar of Erbil from Building Archaeology to Refurbishment Planning / Dietmar Kurapkat -- Ninevite 5 : culture or regional pottery style? / Dorota Ławecka -- Back to the Land of Muṣaṣir/Ardini : Preliminary report on fieldwork (2005-2012) / Dlshad Marf -- New Researches on the Assyrian Heartland : The Bash Tapa Excavation Project / Lionel Marti and Christophe Nicolle -- Materials from French Excavations in Erbil Area (2011-2013) : Qasr Shemamok / Maria Grazia Masetti-Rouault and Ilaria Calini -- Current Investigations into the Early Neolithic of the Zagros Foothills of Iraqi Kurdistan / Roger Matthews, Wendy Matthews and Kamal Rasheed Raheem -- About Bakr Awa / Peter A. Miglus -- Magnetic investigations in the Shahrizor Plain : Revealing the unseen in survey prospections / Simone Mühl and Jörg Fassbinder -- The Bazaar of Erbil within the Context of Islamic Trade Routes and Trade Buildings / Martina Müller-Wiener and Anne Mollenhauer -- Halaf Settlement in the Iraqi Kurdistan : the Shahrizor Survey Project / Olivier Nieuwenhuyse, Takahiro Odaka and Simone Mühl -- Contextualizing Arbīl : Medieval urbanism in Adiabene / Karel Nováček -- Filling the Gap : The Upper Tigris Region from the Fall of Nineveh to the Sasanians : Archaeological and Historical Overview Through the Data of the Land of Nineveh Archaeological Project / Rocco Palermo -- Satu Qala : an Assessment of the Stratigraphy of the Site / Cinzia Pappi -- Helawa : A New Northern Ubaid/Late Chalcolithic Site in the Erbil Plain / Luca Peyronel, Agnese Vacca and Gioia Zenoni -- From the banks of the Upper Tigris River to the Zagros Highlands : The first season (2013) of the Tübingen Eastern Ḫabur Archaeological Survey / Peter Pfälzner and Paola Sconzo -- Gre Amer, Batman, on the Upper Tigris : A Rescue Project in the Ilısu Dam Reservoir in Turkey / Gül Pulhan and Stuart Blaylock -- In the Neo-Assyrian Border March of the Palace Herald : Geophysical Survey and Salvage Excavations at Gird-i Bazar and Qalat-i Dinka (Peshdar Plain Project 2015) / Karen Radner, Andrei Ašandulesei, Jörg Fassbinder, Tina Greenfield, Jean-Jacques Herr, Janoscha Kreppner and Andrea Squitieri -- New investigations at Shanidar Cave, Iraqi Kurdistan / Tim Reynolds, William Boismier, Lucy Farr, Chris Hunt, Dlshad Abdulmutalb and Graeme Barker -- Materials from French excavations in the Erbil area (2010) : Kilik Mishik / Olivier Rouault and Ilaria Calini -- Kurd Qaburstan, A Second Millennium BC Urban Site : First Results of the Johns Hopkins Project / Glenn M. Schwartz -- The Sirwan (Upper Diyala) Regional Project : First Results / Tevfik Emre Şerifoğlu, Claudia Glatz , Jesse Casana and Shwkr Muhammed Haydar -- Tracking early urbanism in the hilly flanks of Mesopotamia : three years of Danish archaeological investigations on the Rania Plain / Tim Boaz Bruun Skuldbøl and Carlo Colantoni -- The Activities of the Italian Archaeological Mission in Iraqi Kurdistan (MAIKI) : The survey area and the new evidence from Paikuli blocks documentation / Gianfilippo Terribili and Alessandro Tilia -- The Kani Shaie Archaeological Project / André Tomé , Ricardo Cabral and Steve Renette -- Philological and scientific analyses of cuneiform tablets housed in Sulaimaniya (Slemani) Museum / Chikako Watanabe -- "Carrying the glory of the great battle" : The Gaugamela battlefield : ancient sources, modern views, and topographical problems / Kleanthis Zouboulakis.
  • Kurdistan is home to some of the most important archaeological sites in the world, ranging from the Stone Age to the most recent past. While in earlier decades this exceptional potential did not receive the degree of attention which it merited, the past ten years has seen a burgeoning of cuttingedge archaeological field projects across the region. This volume, the outcome of a conference held at the University of Athens in November 2013, presents the results of this research. For the first time the archaeological inventory of the region is being systematically documented, laying the foundations for intensive study of the region's settlement history. At the same time the area has seen a flourishing of excavations investigating every phase of human occupation. Together these endeavours are generating basic new data which is leading to a new understanding of the arrival of mankind, the development of agriculture, the emergence of cities, the evolution of complex societies and the forging of the great empires in this crucible of mankind. 


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