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100 Years of Physical Chemistry [Elektronisk resurs] [A Collection of Landmark Papers] / [edited by Ian W. M. Smith].

Smith, Ian W. M. (redaktör/utgivare)
Faraday Society (festskriftsföremål)
ISBN 9781847550002
Publicerad: Cambridge : b Royal Society of Chemistry, 2004
Engelska online resource (vii, 376 s.)
  • E-bok
Innehållsförteckning Sammanfattning Ämnesord
  • Intermolecular Forces: A. D. Buckinghunz comments on “The general theory of molecular forces” -- Clusters: A. J. Stace comments on “Experimental study of the transition from van der Waals, over covalent to metallic bonding in mercury clusters” -- Molecular Spectroscopy: A. Currington comments on “The absorption spectroscopy of substances of short life” -- Magnetic Resonance: R. Freeman comments on “Fourier Transform Multiple Quantum Nuclear Magnetic Resonance” -- Quan tum Chemistry: N. C. Hundy comments on “Independent assessments of the accuracy of correlated wave functions for many-electron systems” -- Photochemical Dynamics: R. N. Dixon comments on “Excited fragments from excited molecules: energy partitioning in the photodissociation of alkyl iodides” -- Gas-Phase Kinetics: R. Wulslz comments on “Rates of pyrolysis and bond energies of substituted organic iodides” -- Ultrafast Processes: D. Phillips comments on “Picosecond-jet spectroscopy and photochemistry” -- Molecular Reaction Dynamics: G. Hancock comments on “Crossed-beam reactions of barium with hydrogen halides” -- Atmospheric Chemistry: M. J. Pilling comments on “Rate measurements of reactions of OH by resonance absorption” -- Astrophysical Chemistry: P. J. Sarre comments on “Infrared spectrum of H3+ as an astronomical probe” -- Theoretical Dynamics: M. S. Child comments on “The transition state method” -- Statistical Thermodynamics: J. S. Rowlinson comments on “The statistical mechanics of systems with non-central force fields” -- Polymer Science: A. J. Ryan comments on “Organization of macromolecules in the condensed phase: general introduction” -- Colloids: B. Vincent comments on “Classical coagulation: London-van der Waals attraction between macroscopic objects’’ -- Liquid Crystals: G. R. Luckhurst comments on “On the theory of liquid crystals” -- Liquid-Solid Interfaces: R. K. Thomas comments on “Theory of self-assembly of hydrocarbon amphiphiles into micelles and bilayers” -- Liquid-Liquid Interfaces: J. G. Frey comments on “Ionic equilibria and phase-boundary potentials in oil-water systems” -- Electrochemistry: P. N. Bartfett comments on “Kinetics of rapid electrode reactions” -- Gas-Solid Surface Science: M. W. Roberts comments on “Catalysis: retrospect and prospect” -- Biophysical Chemistry: R. H. Templer comments on “Energy landscapes of biomolecular adhesion and receptor anchoring at interfaces explored with dynamic force spectroscopy” -- Solid State Chemistry: C. R. A. Catlow comments on “Intracrystalline channels in levynite and some related zeolites” -- Catalysis: J. M. Thomas comments on “Studies of cations in zeolites: adsorption of carbon monoxide; formation of Ni ions and Na₄³⁺ centres”. 
  • Compiled to celebrate the centenary of the founding of the Faraday Society in 1903, this collection presents some of the key papers published in Faraday journals over the past one hundred years. The feature articles were all written by leaders in their field, including a number of Nobel Prize winners such as Lord George Porter and John Pople, and cover a breadth of topics demonstrating the wide range of scientific fields which the Faraday Society, and now the RSC Faraday Division, seek to promote. Topics include: Intermolecular Forces; Ultrafast Processes; Astrophysical Chemistry; Polymers; and Electrochemistry. Each article is accompanied by a commentary which puts it in context, describes its influence and shows how the field has developed since its publication. 100 Years of Physical Chemistry: A Collection of Landmark Papers will be welcomed by anyone interested in the historical development of physical chemistry, and will be a valued addition to any library shelf. 


Fysikalisk kemi  -- historia (sao)
Chemistry, Physical and theoretical  -- History (LCSH)
SCIENCE / Chemistry / Physical & Theoretical 


Electronic books 

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Smith, Ian W. M.
Faraday Society
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Fysikalisk kemi
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